Sludge – Uni-Seal Tyre Sealant – 1L

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Sludge – Uni-Seal Tyre Sealant – 1L
Sludge Uni-Seal has the proven ability to seal holes made by thorns as thick as 10 mm thanks to special fibres mixed into the solution during manufacture. These form a web inside the tyre making it possible to seal large holes that aerosol-type sealants could never plug.
Recommended for mountain bikes and off-road vehicles of all descriptions.
– Preventing Punctures and Flat Tyres and minimizes air loss.
– Can be installed in any tube or tubeless tyres with removable valve cores.
– This product comes in a 1L Sludge Tyre Sealant bottle and this will do several tyres, recommended for workshops or events or to keep in storage for top-ups.
– Long-Fibre formula offers maximum puncture protection.
– Compatible with Schrader, Presta removable core and tubeless.
– Recommended for high puncture risk off-road riding.
– Race proved by top athletes.
– Handmade and tested in South Africa.
– Recommended replacing every 3 Months.
– Easy to use, installation instructions can be seen on the box or label.
– Capacity: 1L
– Weight: 1KG
– Warranty: Non-Returnable

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