Sludge – All Terrain Ammonia Free Tyre Sealant – 5L




Sludge – All Terrain Ammonia Free Tyre Sealant – 5L
Sludge All Terrain is a lightweight new generation sealant with numerous advantages for the serious cyclist, the formula is more manageable during installation in tubbies, does not clog valve cores and has excellent puncture sealing properties.
All Terrain delivers consistent tyre pressure and an end to those frustrating slow leaks.
– Preventing Punctures and Flat Tyres and minimizes air loss.
– Can be installed in any tube or tubeless tyres with removable valve cores.
– This product comes in a 5L Sludge Tyre Sealant bottle and this will do several tyres, recommended for workshops or events or to keep in storage for top-ups.
– Lightweight ammonia-free formula with micro-fibres.
– Reliable puncture protection.
– Race proved by top athletes.
– Handmade and tested in South Africa.
– Recommended replacing every 3 Months.
– Easy to use, installation instructions can be seen on the box or label.
– Capacity: 5L
– Weight: 5KG
– Warranty: Non-Returnable

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Weight 5 kg


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