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Sludge is a tyre sealant which was handmade and tested in South Africa to prevent tyre punctures, for tube and tubeless tyres.

It can be used for Bicycles, Mountain bikes, Road Bikes, Wheelbarrows, Wheelchairs, Motorbikes, Small Cars, Golf Cars, Trailers, Saloon Cars, Pickup Trucks, 4×4 Trucks, Busses and Trucks.

Differences between the products:

  1. SLUDGE UNI-SEAL Tubeless Tyre Sealant: This is a product that contains fibres and cannot be installed in any wheel that has a non– removable valve. This product can be used in all mountain bikes that are tubeless or that have a tube with a removable valve. 
  2. SLUDGE Pro Series Tube Tyre Sealant: This is a product specially developed for the road bikes with the Presta Valves. This product contains micro fibres to allow the sealant to pass through the valve. For this reason it will not seal as a big hole as the Sludge Uni-Seal. Mountain bikes that have Presta valve tubes can also use this product, but it must be kept in mind that it will only work for small punctures like thorns. 
  3. SLUDGE ALL-Terrain Ammonia Free Tyre Sealant: Is an all-new concept of tyre sealant. It is not as sticky so it will be ideal for tubbies. This product also contains fibres, therefore, it can only be used with tubeless tyres and removable valve tubes.